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Where sound and photography meet. SENSUM Edition go in search of musicians of today and tomorrow. SENSUM represents far more than a unique piece of artwork. It’s a unique concept that dives deep into various countries and cultures through different editions.


Moving sounds and still images are represented into a series of sound paintings. inviting the viewer to deeply embrace the life and environment of the world's musicians.


As a starting point, each SENSUM project records a band in a recording studio which is later released on a music album. These recordings reflect their time and place of creation.

A movie fixed in space and time, scenes of everyday and extraordinary life create an interesting mix between images, atmosphere and sound design in the environment of the musicians. Photography accompanies music, sound accompanies the image.

In order to transmit emotions gathered during various Sensum editions to the public, a serie of exhibitions is finally created from images and sounds captured worldwide.


The non-profit SENSUM association was created to make the global project possible. It is open to all; collaborators, partners and supporters from all backgrounds.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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