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Haydèe Lòpez Peña : Composer, Voice, Flute

Gabriel Oramas Martinez : Piano & Keys

Aryan Marcos Varona Hernàndez : bass

Pedro Lezcano Gonzáles : Guitar

Yosiel Borrero Nápales : Cuban percussions
Reinold Miret Martinez : Drums, Güiro, Tambourine
Redy Cobbas Hinojosa : Drums, Piano, Timbal
Adrian Machado Robles : Backing vocals, Percussions

Grether Fernández de Armas : Backing vocals
Pedro Julio Saldana : Tenor sax
Cesar Filiù Dougles : Alto sax
Ernesto Montalvo Reyes : Trumpet
Osmell Macebo Montecino : Trombone
Làzaro Joao Aguilera Duportè : Rapper
Alejandro Benitez Mesa : Voice (Sombras En Escombrros)

Blas Alberto Olivera Dubai : Studio Technician
Leonardo Puente Vadey : Studio Technician

In the tradition of the cuban big band, Ache Soul uses its Cuban roots and furious rhythms while bringing an air of openness to the outside world. Jazz Fusion, and dancing percussion represent the breath of a new generation of Cuban music.




Through simple but catchy melodies, Duo Jade drives us into the heart of cuban songs. Rich color and striking music is combined with profound texts which invites us to lightly travel into their cheerfull world. This popular band from la Havana express its whole soulfoul musical universe with guitar, tres and voices.

Yanaysa Prieto Pedroso : Voice
Maygred Felina Bourricaudy : Guitar, Tres, Voice Jorge Iván Martin : Guitar, Tres, Voice

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